1. Customized, heavy-duty nylon tool bag
  2. One impact adapter/reducer set 
  3. One ball pein hammer
  4. One adjustable wrench
  5. One set of slip joint pliers
  6. One set of long nose pliers
  7. One Torx™ bit
  8. Two screwdrivers
  9. One breaker bar
  10. Five combination wrenches
  11. One quick-release ratchet 
  12. Five sockets
  13. One deep socket
  14. One specialty socket
  15. Two extensions

#1 Source for Vehicle Specific Tool Kits 

Will It Fix It?

Yes, it will. From our experience, steering, suspension, driveline, and brake repairs make up most off-roading and overlanding mechanical issues. Our primary goal is to provide just the right tools so you can make the necessary repairs on the trail that get you back on the road.

What If You Don't Have My Vehicle Make?

We make custom kits for just about any off-roading and overlanding vehicle. Don't see one in our shop specific for your rig, reach out, and we will create a kit specifically for your rig!

What Kind Of Tool Brands Do You Include In Your Kits?

We carry top brands in our toolkits, brands like GearWrench and Steelman. You can feel confident in the quality of our tools on your adventures.

Do You Carry Other Tools?

Check out our shop to see all the tools we offer outside of our kits as well, from shovels to recovery ropes.